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The CodeVDO, The Code Broadcasted...

CodeVDO is about code. CodeVDO is about videos. CodeVDO is about so much more!

The Code...

There are millions, if not billions, of lines of code in the world. Every day, more lines of code are being created. CodeVDO is a site where tips, tricks, and other pieces of useful code can be found and learned in a more interactive way than a traditional way of learning through text and images. CodeVDO contains thousands of movies of code that you can watch and learn to use. You can simply plug-and-play, or you can look at the code and learn.

CodeVDO is about the sharing of code. Almost all of the code that you can find is presented by using interactive moving media. These movies often explain the code and its use.

The VDOs...

CodeVDO is dedicated to helping developers and programmers by providing the most robust and up-to-date technical information and code snippets using interactive motion pictures on the Internet! This information comes from Programmers who are in the industry as well as Programmers-"wanna-be's." If you are a Programmer, CodeVDO is a great place for grasping new learning about a range of topics.

Not only do we have standard categories of movies, but we also go beyond and offer a section of job postings for programmers to find out new opportunities.

So Much More...

Not only do we work with the programming languages that developers care about, but we also bring other topics to the site. This includes Projects and Job Board.

Critical To Our Success...

Foremost, it's important to realize that CodeVDO would not exist without the literally thousands of people who have shared their code through interactive media on broadcasting website YouTube to help out their fellow developers.

How Are We Doing?

We hope CodeVDO is a site you enjoy and find useful. If not, drop us an e-mail. We are always open to suggestions. We obviously can't implement all the suggestions we get; however, we will consider every suggestion. Submit all your feedbacks & suggestions on